I'm lucky enough to be part of Rufus Jones' fantastic new series

HOME on Channel 4 every Tuesday... I'm in episode 3 and 5 so watch out guys!






I'm back working with brilliant director Phil Hawkins and superb DOP

David Meadows on a pitch video for a Scandi/UK crossover TV crime series called

ON FOREIGN SOIL... I would watch it :-)





The series that I co-created with Kate Madison (of Born of Hope fame) goes from

strength to strength on the international web fest circuit! If you haven't watched 

REN on YouTube yet then head to the website right now:




I'm one of the singing packages in Amazon's brilliant

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas adverts!



Filming thee online videos for a big insurance company about Cyber Security.

Really great scripts and fantastic atmosphere on set.


JUNE 2017

Filming a commercial in Denmark... first scene: snowball fight - in JUNE!!!


APRIL 2017

I'm now on my 10th episode of Eastenders... lovely people to work with,

especially Diane Parish!



On January 2nd I appeared in ITV's THE HALCYON as Chief Editor of the

Telegraph, Alistair Briggs... it is going to be a brilliant show and I really hope 

Mr Briggs will come back in Series II - fingers crossed folks!!!




I'm filming for a nice and positive story line on EastEnders with the lovely

Diane Parish... we will be your guilty pleasure in December! 

APRIL 2016

I'm working on ITV's new flagship period drama THE HALCYON where I

play Alistair Briggs opposite Steven Macintosh... great actor and lovely person

to work with... the sets are fantastic and the show will be a huge success I'm

sure... look out for it at the beginning of the new year!



Over the weekend I played 'The Man in Grey' in a new exciting webseries 

written and produced by one of the Ren Backers Craig Teal. It was a grueling

22 hour day but the footage looks very impressive.



Just filmed the lovely short film 147 FEET written and directed by the talented

Sina Hühne. I play a man out of his wits who's rescued by a boy played by the 

great Tai Inigo. This one should do well at the festival circuit.



I've had a few days off the Ren set to go film an episode of The Bridge 

Season III in Sweden... fantastic to act with the lovely Sofia Helin, who 

plays the lead detective Saga Norén.



Finished shooting The Four Warriors playing the lead character Richard... it

is also my debut as a screen writer so it's doubly exciting... the film is directed

by Phil Hawkins and should be out early 2015!


Almost ready to start filming!


JULY 2014

Pre production on Ren has started... here we go!



Just filmed an episode for Dr Who in Cardiff - great to meet the new Doctor, 

Peter Capaldi, and work with Hermine Norris.


I have now got my own personal action figure as Arathorn in Born of Hope... 

okay, it's small, but it's a start :-)


Just auditioned for a great commercial for Austrian TV as a pilot who can't 

handle his cake... made as a 'self-tape' which is always a bit difficult because 

you're not in the room with a director, who can tell you his/her vision, so you 

only get one chance... fingers crossed.


JULY 2013

Gearing up to be part of the exciting launch of REN that's helmed by Born of Hope

director Kate Madison. We created this great story together I can promise that all fans 

of Born of Hope are in for a treat... please follow our Kickstarter efforts!


JAN 2013

After ten years as a professional actor I finally had my Television debut as 

Captain Bjorgsen in the opening episode of the second series of BBC's most 

popular show in a decade CALL THE MIDWIFE.


DEC 2012

Pre-production is slowly on the way for the action/horror BLOOD TRAPS. 

Keep you eyes out for this one.



Just filmed a commercial for NEW COVENT GARDEN SOUPS... look 

out for me as the Gordon Ramsey of the soup world!!!



Actors at Work, headed by director Kate Madison, has started a showreel 

service and I helped out on the first one. Looks great and any actor who's 

looking for a professional looking reel should contact Kate!



Helping out on the promo trailer for THROUGH THE EYES OF MEN 

involved both set dressing, rat control and playing Barnes who was 

Mary Reed's mentor as a young girl on board a Tall Ship.



The long hair and the beard I grew for CALL THE MIDWIFE came in 

handy when I auditioned for a SHELL commercial, where they were 

looking for a scientist... I got it :-) 

JULY 2012

I have just finished filming for a BBC drama - my first TV credit. It was 

a great experience, and once it's up on IMDb I will let you know which 

series it is... meanwhile this is what I had to grow to look the part, mind you 

the costume I had to wear was 1950s (hint).

MARCH 2012

One of my dreams came through this week: I got to be a cowboy! 

Was on a horse all day, he was a dream to ride and the film we did (RUSTLERS) 

was pretty funny. Will post a link when it's finished - I'm editing as well by 

the way :-)


MARCH 2012

Made my directorial debut with the short BEING MR ABERNATHY f

eaturing the talented Kate Madison and a group of my filmmaker colleagues 

in Cambridge. Here's the link:



Begun filming for RIOT and finally get to work with Simon Phillips, one 

of the most prolific independent directors out there. I play Harry the Pimp and 

get to be a nasty piece of work. First scene: smoking in handcuffs... class!



Helped promising young MET School director Sebastian Magiera with 

his film REDEMPTION. I played an ex army man who have ended up 

living on the streets drinking himself out of the nightmares of war. 

One cold night (it was actually -6 when we shot) he meets a young girl on 

her way home from work.



I have just recorded a VO for an sponsor ident for BAVARIA NON 

ALCOHOLIC BEER... got thirsty doing it :-) The Ident is on every 

Sunday night for THAT SUNDAY NIGHT SHOW and was made by 

the very talented Phil Hawkins.



At the beginning of November I went to LA to try to get the feel for the


place. It was a great week and I'm contemplating applying for the O-1 Visa.


Done a bit of work on PRIVATE PEACEFUL, which should hit the 

cinema screens sometime early next year. Great fun to be in the trenches 

but really felt the cold in the evenings.

MAY 2011

Filmed a pilot episode of a brilliant new comedy series where I play an 

ex Liverpool footballer down on his luck. Together with a disgraced boy-band 

member and an actor with illusions of grandeur he tries to get back on top in 


MARCH 2011

Just shot a trailer for director Jeremy Freeston's WWII feature IRON 

MOUNTAIN. I met Jeremy in Cannes last year, where we discussed the 

project, and it seems that the film is going to happen later this year. 

When I turned up on set I was greeted by twenty paratrooper re-enactors 

in full gear (they even had an original Jeep) - great guys! This is going to 

look brilliant.


BEING SOLD Director Phil Hawkins called me last Monday (August 30th), 

and asked if I wanted to play the lead in his next feature BEING SOLD. 

I said "Yes", and he said "Great, can you get to Manchester tomorrow morning 

for rehearsals, we shoot on Friday... oh, and we shoot the entire film in two days!"

So, this Friday and Saturday we shot en entire feature film, and it has been the 

greatest film-experience of my career. The picture shows myself with 

Lee Boardman on the right, and Eddie, Phil and Joe on the left.

For more information:


Just had a day out with Kate Madison and Neill Phillips to shoot a few 

teaser sequences and some stills for BLOOD TRAPS.

JULY 2010

ROUTINE This is going to be a little gem of a film. I play a man totally 

stuck in his morning routine. But what happens when his wall turns into a 

window to the universe? You can have a look at Routine here:

MAY 2010

Had a brilliant CANNES, and as you can see it hard work this year:

APRIL 2010

CODEWORD TASTY I spent a day tied up to a chair drenched with 

water... who said we do not suffer for our art anymore? I play a Jack Bauer 

type agent under interrogation by a sinister foreign spy in this MB Films 

production. Have a look and a laugh here: Doritos Entry 2010

MARCH 2010

THE LAST COWBOY I was cast as the very sinister character 

THE PRIEST in this promising short film. The film takes the Western 

genre and sets it in a post-apocalyptic future. We filmed at the last remaining 

airbase from WWI, which was a great location apart from the total lack of 

heating. I was cold to the bones, but had a nice costume and a gun - happy days. 

The film was shot on the RED, and I'm very excited about a graphic novel 

style introduction sequence based on pictures of the main characters.

MARCH 2010

COLGATE Just filmed a major commercial for Colgate. More than 80 

people on set, including a dentist checking that the testimonials were genuine, 

and two great guys directing (Rob and Alastair from Doubleact). Looking 

forward to see it when it screens in June.


WORKPLACE Made a quick competition film with Beat24 Productions. 

It involved me giving a group of clowns (no, really they were clowns) a peptalk 

about 21st century perception of clowning... and ending up with a pie in 

the face... obviously.


ZOMBLIES I spent the last weekend in October filming with the brilliant 

team behind Zomblies (Realm Pictures). The scenes with my character, General 

Frank Marshall, and the head of the research facility bookends the film itself 

and takes place in a brilliant and inventive set. The film should be ready early 

next year. Check out:


I have been cast as General Frank Marshal in Realm Pictures feature 

ZOMBLIES. We are filming at the end of the month and the film should 

be finished by the end of the year. Have a look at:


DESERTER I have just been wrapped on this very interesting film, 

where I played a supporting character to Steven Hartley's Swartzer. 

The film should look really good as the DOP is Oscar award winning 

Mikolaj Jaroszewicz (Zona Pictures) and director Callum Mackinnon 

has put a lot of money into costume and equipment. The film should 

be ready for the festival circuit next year beginning with Berlin. 

Check it out here:


We filmed a few pick-up scenes for BORN OF HOPE today and the 

film is now on the home stretch. Another weekend of filming coming up 

next week and then everything is ready for the final edit - prepare yourself 

for a great film.

MAY 2009

I just filmed the Film Noir tribute THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS 

with Moonlighting Films. It was a rare opportunity to act out a series of 

complex emotions without any dialogue as the film depends entirely on a 

Voice Over. The film should be ready in August for the autumn festivals.

MARCH 2009

For the last month and a bit, I have been filming the last big chunk of the 

epic BORN OF HOPE. This weekend was the big duel between Arathorn 

and Gorganog (the Orc muscle man played brilliantly by Lewis Penfold). 

It took six hours to film it, and I hope it will be worth the effort when the 

film is released in October. Check out:


On possibly the worst day of all days to travel, Kate Madison (Director) 

and myself went to North Wales and filmed Arathorn on his lonely travels 

in BORN OF HOPE. We got some amazing shots - not surprisingly with 

a lot of snow in them.


Another round of BORN OF HOPE was completed this week. The weather 

gods weren't smiling on us as they threw everything from rain and fog to zub 

zero temperatures and snow at us. We managed however to get some seriously 

good scenes in the can... it's looking very exciting.


The next bout of BORN OF HOPE filming was achieved this weekend. 

I fought orcs in knee-deep mud and it was glorious! Everyone made the shoot 

look so good: orcs, rangers, the crew behind the three cameras and all who 

worked so hard behind the scenes to do makeup, costume and not least food.


I make a cameo appearance in the independent feature FRONTMAN as 

hard drinking womanizing Stan. I spent all day in a Gorilla costume and 

enjoyed every moment of it.


The first week of filming BORN OF HOPE was a huge success. 

An army of extras helped bring this epic story to life and it bodes well 

for the autumn shoots.


Preparations are in full flow for the week long first part of this years 

filming of BORN OF HOPE starting on July 14th. Wigs, swords, costumes 

and locations are slowly coming together. The project started in 2003 and 

by the end of this year there should be a 60 minute film to enjoyed as a free 

download for all Lord of the Rings fans out there.

In THE CHESS PLAYER I play a chess champion detained during WWII 

for sending messages to the Germans through the games he plays. This is a 

highly complex character who's sanity is slowly broken down by his captors. 

The film should be finished late July.

APRIL 2008

A woman writes letters to a prisoner. But he is not just any prisoner, and 

she's not who she claims to be. I play Stephen in THE SUBSTITUTE who 

discovers that his wife is entangled in a dangerous game of deception 

and revenge.

MARCH 2008
I play a doctor in LING LING'S NEW TOY BOY who has to break the 

news that a patient is actually a Giant Panda. This is a very funny script by 

young filmmaker Martin Cavannagh and will be finished late April.  


I did two SAAB commercials before the credit crunch set in... glorious days!

Principal photography has begun on THE LAST B&B a wonderfully 

bizarre modern take on several classic Grimm tales. Carl Homer directs and 

I play George who has saved a spoilt Little Red Riding Hood esque girl 

from a major nuclear strike on London.

JULY 2007

I have also been cast in the exciting Danish feature JENS MUNK as the 

English navigator John Watson, who assisted the Danish explorer of the 

title on his dramatic quest to find the North West Passage to China in 1619-20. 

This epic tale will be shot in Denmark over the next couple of months, and 

will hit local (and hopefully European) cinema screens next year. 

Nikolaj Feifer directs for Japp Productions. If you read Danish then have 

a look here:

JULY 2007

Horror/thriller DARK RAGE contains some of the strongest scenes I have 

recorded so far, with the final showdown with my character's brother 

(played by Christopher Dunne) as the highlight. The post-production is in 

the early stages and is expected to last till the end of this year. Production 

company Media Killer Ltd is aiming for a DVD rental release early next year. 

For more information log on to:

APRIL 2007

IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST is a very provocative short film about 

a secret Joint Intelligence Committee meeting with the Polish Home Army 

in 1942. I play real life Col Menzies (Head of MI6), and the film will be 

ready for the festival circuit in the autumn.


MB Films have now finished the edit on PRISONER OF WAR a German 

language film about a young soldier (Torsten Schwick) at the mercy of an 

East European volunteer Officer on a hunting trip, that will change his life 

forever. The film premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 

and will be showcased in the UK later this year. The producers are now 

working on a feature based on this brilliant short. 

For more information log on to:

The darkly comic short THE HORSEMEN, where I play all four 

horsemen of the Apocalypse, was the runner up for the people's choice 

at the Stamford Film Festival. The film was also well received at Short 

Film Corner in Cannes and will be entered into a number of festivals 

over the next few months.